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We have the newest equipment in Poland, unique also                             on a global scale!!!

Lokomat Pro is the first of that type in Poland and the ninth worldwide

Our Armeo Spring Pediatric is the first one in Poland and the sixteenth in the world


PRO SONATIO Foundation has been established to support the Health Resort in Goldap, and Rehabilitation Center for Children and Youth "MARZENIA" with particular emphasis on rehabilitation of children with Cerebral Palsy.

People with positive attitude to life gathered together and created PRO SONATIO Foundation and DREAMS Rehabilitation Center with qulified personnel and modern equipment.

Our ambition is to develop further, prove the impossible can happen and that the positive attitude can create a centre with professional and comprehensive therapy, place where smile of a happy child is the most valuable reward for our efforts.


  • Organizing treatment and widely understood medical and social rehabilitation
  • Organizing therapy for people with physical disabilities
  • Creating optimal conditions for proper physical and mental development for people with developmental disabilities
  • Organizing and financing various recovery forms of full physical fitness
  • Assisting victims of random accidents and those affected by incurable and chronic diseases, particularly for children suffering Cerebral Palsy disorder and their families